Exclusive Online Only Content

The following story – Scene Four – has been picked up off the cutting room floor. Continue reading Exclusive Online Only Content


Interview and Review of Zine

Pages from Curly Crashed Zine. Click to enlarge.

Him: OK. What I would really like to talk with you about, um, if you’re agreeable, is, is your writing and your magazine, ‘cause what, what is so fascinating to me is um given, given how, I can’t think of the right term, I see your spoken language as transparent, you know, quite free of, as I said, figurative language, your writing is full of plays on words, and um, very, you know, lots of play on sound, um, lots of irony and, and this kind of capacity to shift discourses, so, can you talk about, say, can you talk about this thing?, the choice to use all of these different discourses? Continue reading Interview and Review of Zine

Zine – Brief

Project Details

Background: This zine will focus upon public mental health services by building and delivering (written and visual) messages expressing personal opinions around this topic.

Information written by various clinicians on public mental health services is easily found. Harder to find is information created by people who have experienced a mental illness and used these services. Continue reading Zine – Brief