I have arrived at your destinative diagnosis

“I do not understand why, when I ask for a grilled lobster in a restaurant, I am never served a cooked telephone.” THE SECRET LIFE OF SALVADOR DALI (1942)


Illustration from zine: Curly Practices Her Reflective Listening Skills.


Dr. Frog?

I have arrived at your destinative diagnosis.

You have arrived at my destinative diagnosis?

After rigorous analysis of the chemical imbalance beam of your brain, derived from distorted data destructed from a distracted extraction of fluid within your skull not occuring,
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Dada, then Schwitters and Typography

Dada was a movement flourishing around 1915 – 1925, originally in Europe, then America. Dada ridiculed traditional notions of form and beauty, abandoning traditional media such as painting and sculpture in favour of techniques like collage, photomontage and readymades. Chance was credited with a valid role in the act of creating. Dada was influential, inspiring many anti-art movements throughout the 20th century. Dada was not united by a common style, rather a rejection of conventions in art and thought, seeking through unorthodox techniques, performances and provocations to shock society into self-awareness. The name Dada demonstrates the movement’s anti-rationalism.

Reference: Ades, D. and Gale, M. (retrieved 2013). Dada Oxford Art Online

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