Semantics and Graphic Languages – Research

Researching how to convey emotion or an experience.

Semantics refers to meaning and signification. Graphic design is central to the production and reproduction of meanings in human life. However, graphic design is not a language, it does not possess words, grammar, syntax.

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Process, Philosophy, Publishing – Reflection and Evaluation

How to generate a great outcome? How to get great ideas? What is the best way for me to work?

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Dada, then Schwitters and Typography

Dada was a movement flourishing around 1915 – 1925, originally in Europe, then America. Dada ridiculed traditional notions of form and beauty, abandoning traditional media such as painting and sculpture in favour of techniques like collage, photomontage and readymades. Chance was credited with a valid role in the act of creating. Dada was influential, inspiring many anti-art movements throughout the 20th century. Dada was not united by a common style, rather a rejection of conventions in art and thought, seeking through unorthodox techniques, performances and provocations to shock society into self-awareness. The name Dada demonstrates the movement’s anti-rationalism.

Reference: Ades, D. and Gale, M. (retrieved 2013). Dada Oxford Art Online

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Zine – Planning – Research 2

Creating a written timeline with specific dates for important progress points is helping enormously with this zine project. The details within the timeline have reduced the zine to successive small steps (reminding me of a thought from a forgotten source… ‘I have large, complex tasks needing to be turned into small, simple tasks in order to be completed’…).

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Zine – Brief

Project Details

Background: This zine will focus upon public mental health services by building and delivering (written and visual) messages expressing personal opinions around this topic.

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Time Management? Planning?

I had not previously considered creating a timeline with dates to complete (stages of, and entire) personal, creative projects. Having used project management strategies when a full-time employee was an everyday (sometimes an every-hour) process. In the quest to create a job for myself as a professional (and income earning) artist – this will become a pilot program, a testing out, a consideration of, applying time management strategies to an art work.

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