Interview and Review of Zine

Pages from Curly Crashed Zine. Click to enlarge.

Him: OK. What I would really like to talk with you about, um, if you’re agreeable, is, is your writing and your magazine, ‘cause what, what is so fascinating to me is um given, given how, I can’t think of the right term, I see your spoken language as transparent, you know, quite free of, as I said, figurative language, your writing is full of plays on words, and um, very, you know, lots of play on sound, um, lots of irony and, and this kind of capacity to shift discourses, so, can you talk about, say, can you talk about this thing?, the choice to use all of these different discourses? Continue reading Interview and Review of Zine

I’m Dr. Frog (a story from the zine).

Dr. Freudo Frog.

Welcome to your psychiatric session. We will start with something broad.
What do you think about when you hear romantic, highly eroticised love songs with intensely sexually charged video clips in a black and white medium? Continue reading I’m Dr. Frog (a story from the zine).

(digital) Storytelling – Research

The third piece in the ‘zine project’ series of artworks uses an animated sequence to tell a story. The experience will be conveyed via the script I have written.

For a quick introduction to effective storytelling, I skimmed through ‘The New Digital Storytelling‘ by Alexander Bryan.

A brief overview of Bryan’s strategy for relaying a (digital) story includes the following processes: Continue reading (digital) Storytelling – Research

Politics and Aesthetics – Research

With the collection of three graphic art pieces being produced – the zine, poster and animation, I am kinda, sorta, being political. Making a political statement, not sure exactly how, just am, so some research was in order. Continue reading Politics and Aesthetics – Research

Semantics and Graphic Languages – Research

Researching how to convey emotion or an experience.

Semantics refers to meaning and signification. Graphic design is central to the production and reproduction of meanings in human life. However, graphic design is not a language, it does not possess words, grammar, syntax.

What is Meaning? Continue reading Semantics and Graphic Languages – Research

Process, Philosophy, Publishing – Reflection and Evaluation

How to generate a great outcome? How to get great ideas? What is the best way for me to work?

To assist in answering these questions, I trialled some processes. Continue reading Process, Philosophy, Publishing – Reflection and Evaluation