Lets Get Some Details on this Particular Zine Here…

Contents of Curly Crashed into a Cuckoos Nest

Lottsa little stories, with a handful of longer, well worth mentioning stories.

Dr. Freudo Frog’s Destinative Diagnosis.

After rigorous analysis of the chemical imbalance beam of your brain, derived from distorted data destructed from a distracted extraction of fluid within your skull not occuring, and careful consideration of your calligraphic hand movements when you talk by a gesticulative extremities expert… (Check Blab Blab for the full version of this story. Original writing © Shirley Burley).

Violating Normal.

To be defined as mentally ill is to be defined as violating standards of normality operating within cultures. In Australia, legislation denies fundamental human rights to people experiencing mental illness…

Reference: Social Inequality in Australia, by D. Habibis and M. Walter. Published by Oxford University Press, 2009.

Women and Psychiatry.

It is well established from sociological analysis of psychiatry that women are more likely to be found insane then men. Women are two thirds more likely then men to be diagnosed as depressed…

Reference: An Introduction to the Sociology of Health and Illness, by K. White. Published by Sage, 2009.

Mike Illogical.

I am deeply concerned by your delusion and disturbed by your self deception. I would like to assist you correct your false perception, your pointless projection, your faulty, flawed philosophy. Mike Illogical. Your penis is not foremost of all phenomena… (Check Blab Blab for the full version of this story. Original writing © Shirley Burley).

I’m Dr. Frog.

Dr. Freudo Frog. Welcome to your psychiatric session. We will start with something broad. What do you think about when you hear romantic, highly eroticised love songs with intensely sexually charged video clips in a black and white medium? (Check Blab Blab for the full version of this story. Original writing © Shirley Burley).

Disorder Disorder.

Disorder Disorder Dr. Frog?


With the threat of physical violence from anti-social security staff who will full nelson you to the floor if you feel this flimsy fallacy (note to check spelling – phallus-y?) is fallible you will not be asked to agree to gentle, non-intrusive bomblastic brain bolts conducted by a very expensive electro-convulsive contradictory contraption during off-peak electricity time frames, co-injunctioned conjointedly with copious quantities of mind altering drugs… (Check Blab Blab for the full version of this story. Original writing © Shirley Burley).

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Printing Details

Digitally printed from .pdf files, black toner on white and coloured (Optix raza red, janz orange and suni yellow) A4 paper, with some sooper dooper full colour prints on A3 white paper.

Combination of A4 folded vertically (single page dimensions 105mm x 297mm), A4 folded horizontally (panels 105 x 105 x 87mm), A3 folded into 4 panels (single page dimensions 105mm x 297mm).

Got that? Well, it’s a longish type size which will fit comfortably in any 1980’s raver style oversized like falling off your hips baggy jean pocket.

But Wait There is More!

A randomly selected 6×4 photographic print from the Triffid flower collection.

Binding Details

Hand stitched in centre.