one day sitting in my grandfather chair,
reality dis-integrated.
and lay scattered about my feet.

looking out the window into the window looking into my window.
reality dis-integrated.
and their curtains did not hide them.

my phone ring ringing, i now knowing it is several strangers under one contact’s name.
reality dis-integrated.
and i recognised their voices.

my ear hearing knocks vibrating through my front door.
reality dis-integrated.
my door had not been locked for decades.

my lips tasting bad luck and betrayal in my brown tea.
reality dis-integrated.
and the tea lifted my head off my shoulders.

my little dog tip-tapping into my field of vision and jumping on my lap.
reality re-integrated.
the furry logic of a fuzzy animal.


Published by

Shirley Burley

Artwork Craft Writing Graphic Design Photography

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