Black White Magpie


Family Life of Magpies

Up to ten adult Magpies will group together in a tribe and defend their territory. Territories have reliable food and water and tall trees for nesting.

What Do Magpies Look Like?

Glamorous. With glossy black feathers and splashes of bright white on the wings and back of their head, the Magpie knows how to shake a tail feather. The Magpie has skinny black legs and deep brown eyes.


What Do Magpies Sound Like?

Highly regarded as song birds, the Magpie has a wide variety of calls, many complex. The Magpie can mimic other birds and animals. When living in close proximity to humans it has been noted the Magpie can sound like your neighbour bitching his arse off.


What Do Magpies Eat?

The Magpie feeds on small insects and very, very little animals living on, or just under the surface of the ground. A favourite feed is the Scarab Beetle which the Magpie will impale upon sticks and twigs to eat later, after its hideous head has rotted off.


Magpie Attacks Are Quite Alarming

For one or two months of the year during nesting season the Magpie aggressively defends territory from invaders. The Magpie flies low and fast over humans, pecking human eyeballs out, gouging human brains through ear cavities, and ripping scalps off human skulls.

When swooped by the Magpie run away quickly and carefully, screaming warnings to other humans. Wear sunglasses at the back of your head or wear a bicycle helmet.


Magpies and the Law

The Magpie is protected throughout Australia. It is against the law to harm or kill the Magpie, or collect Magpie eggs.


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