I have arrived at your destinative diagnosis

“I do not understand why, when I ask for a grilled lobster in a restaurant, I am never served a cooked telephone.” THE SECRET LIFE OF SALVADOR DALI (1942)


Illustration from zine: Curly Practices Her Reflective Listening Skills.


Dr. Frog?

I have arrived at your destinative diagnosis.

You have arrived at my destinative diagnosis?

After rigorous analysis of the chemical imbalance beam of your brain, derived from distorted data destructed from a distracted extraction of fluid within your skull not occuring,
And careful consideration of your calligraphic hand movements when you talk by a gesticulative extremities expert,
And observatory observances from afar of which department star you buy your every-day comfortable shoes from,
And why you think George Seinfeld is funny,
I trajectorarily conclude you suffer from the tragic trans mentallic illness known as, Disorder Disorder.

Disorder Disorder Dr. Frog?

With the threat of physical violence from anti-social security staff who will full nelson you to the floor if you feel this flimsy fallacy (note to check spelling – phallus-y?) is fallible you will not be asked to agree to gentle, non-intrusive bomblastic brain bolts conducted by a very expensive electro-convulsive contradictory contraption during off-peak electricity time frames, co-injunctioned conjointedly with copious quantities of mind altering drugs (free and legal by the way – home-brand valium for breakfast, lunch and morning-after high noon tea) plus multitudinous mind bumbling meanderings with the highly preened desteened for the silver screen psychologist, Mr. Mike Illogical (who is a highly decorative man).

When the Disorder Disorder is ordered, you may be preordained to leave the building subject to probationary orders which order you to complicitly comply by keeping hourly appointments every minute or be resigned to revolving through this regime relentlessly for the remainder of your residual life.

Your value-added verbosity is vertiginous Dr. Frog.

Psychiatry students studiously apply attentive affective effection to fiction writing as a major component contingent to our degree. It’s entirely advantageous and helps describe the hocus pocus that is the locus of pre-modern day psychiatry practiced to imperfect plague proportions today.

p.s. The Curly Crashed Zine is for sale at Etsy.


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Shirley Burley

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