(digital) Storytelling – Research

The third piece in the ‘zine project’ series of artworks uses an animated sequence to tell a story. The experience will be conveyed via the script I have written.

For a quick introduction to effective storytelling, I skimmed through ‘The New Digital Storytelling‘ by Alexander Bryan.

A brief overview of Bryan’s strategy for relaying a (digital) story includes the following processes:

1. Deliberate Brainstorming. Set aside time for free association, wandering (mentally), and reconnecting with the story’s original inspiration.

2. Pre-Production Planning. Layout a timeline, and set milestones.

3. Production and Creation. Learn new tools, implement planning and create!

Bryan also outlined some elements to storytelling.

Applying Storytelling Elements

  • Audiences require characters. Identify, transform and present persons in the story.
  • Audiences respond to mystery. Show the leading elements (but not everything) to encourage further investigation.
  • Follow serial logic. Provide connections between parts. Cliffhangers, pointers, summaries, anticipation, foreshadowing.
  • Sensual details (as in the five human senses) are powerful and can evoke strong memories and even physical reactions.
  • Metaphors can spur creativity and reflection.
  • Imagery can expand upon words.
  • The first encounter powerfully shapes how (and if) an audience proceeds. An effective, creative opening is required.

Alexander, Bryan (2011). The New Digital Storytelling : Creating Narratives with New Media. Retrieved from EBook Library.


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