Zine – Planning – Research 2

Creating a written timeline with specific dates for important progress points is helping enormously with this zine project. The details within the timeline have reduced the zine to successive small steps (reminding me of a thought from a forgotten source… ‘I have large, complex tasks needing to be turned into small, simple tasks in order to be completed’…).


Humorous story #1 is finalised. Humorous story #2 is written and being edited. Humorous story #3 has a concept and rough outline. The writing style is strongly influenced by the surreal and dada philosophies originating early in 20C european art and literature.

The essay has a mind map, and I am reading chapters (in relevant books) around the topic. I chose an academic format to present my point of view (that the current mental health system does not aid wellbeing) with the aim of presenting a rounded, well researched argument. (the humorous stories are highly opinionated)


A mocked up zine layout / imposition has been created, with the majority of pages having specific content assigned to date. Some pages fold out.

zine impo blog

I will be printing with black toner (via a digital printing machine) on coloured paper (red, yellow and orange).

The zine is being compiled with adobe indesign. To introduce the hand made element integral to zines, I am deep-etching (cutting out) pictures, after printing, by hand. This should bring a 3-D aspect to the design, and an amount of interactivity for the person reading / viewing the zine.

The opportunities to ‘see-through’ the cut out sections is being considered when creating page layouts.

Images for this project include a series of flower pictures recently captured in a local garden.

An illustration style has been established and adobe illustrator is being used. The illustrations are portraits drawn from photographs of my facial expressions.

I am working progressively on page layouts (not waiting for illustrations / text to be finished).


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