Zine – Brief

Project Details

Background: This zine will focus upon public mental health services by building and delivering (written and visual) messages expressing personal opinions around this topic.

Information written by various clinicians on public mental health services is easily found. Harder to find is information created by people who have experienced a mental illness and used these services.

Reflecting upon and researching this topic from a few angles, the aim is to encourage a reader to consider a challenging topic from an alternate viewpoint.

The design, content and hand made techniques of my zine will align with this goal. The look, feel and tone will be conversational, relaxed and personal. I will create images, photographs and illustrations.

The intended audience for this zine will be people who enjoy zines! Zine readers may be identified by an attitude celebrating the unique voice of uncensored self publishing, rather then by age, gender, and education.

The most important message I want to convey by making, publishing and distributing this zine is that the current public mental health system does not aid mental health or well being.

This is not due to the often proposed ‘lack of funding’ reason. What is it due to?

Read my zine.

Project Description

Name: Curly Crashed Into A Cuckoo’s Nest

Size: A4 folded vertically (single page dimensions 105mm x 297mm). 8 page minimum. Stapled in centre.

Paper: Coloured, A4, 80gsm paper suitable for a black and white photocopier.

Quantity: 10 zines to be sent to a distro.

Deadline: Documenting research, findings, reflections, web links and design approaches regularly in this blog. 10 copies sent to a distro by 23.08.13.

Project Evaluation: Keep an online diary recording the design processes and approaches. Reflect upon the effectiveness (or not) of these approaches, and consider methods for improvement. Note which processes and approaches could be replicated to increase consistent generation of quality work.


Published by

Shirley Burley

Artwork Craft Creative Writing Graphic Design Photography

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